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Keeping It Together

I work from home for much of the week. And although I spend most of my time at my desk, my job varies so much, that the things  I need to conduct my job/s are more than your average persons.

Couple this with the fact that I have clients coming to my home for “styling analysis” and the need to be organised, practical and aesthetically pleasing is even more important. So, my aim is to keep my desktop clear of clutter and stock my draw with items I used on a regular basis.

Here is a closer look at my very full desk draw, which keeps me productive and prevents me going on mini missions (and rants) looking for stationary or work related items around the house.

1. Tabs and Stickers – I’m forever making notes in books/magazine or in my paperwork
2. Charger – on hand for myself or clients
3. Pencils for sketching, led and pen refills, erasers etc
4. Calligraphy pens, sharpies, markers, silver and gold paint pens and highlighters… something for every occasions and every surface
5. liquid paper/white-out and a micro-fibre  cloth for my screen (I always have people touching my laptop screen with their fingers)
6. Retractable measuring tape, but I also have three rulers (50cm, 30cm and 15cm) in my draw too
7. Glue of every kind; glue stick, super glue, gem glue etc
8. Tapes of all kinds – packing, clear, double sided, frosted etc
9. Clips and pins – Paper, alligator, bulldog, bobby, safety etc
10. Twine and embellishments for last minute gifts/flowers
11. Post-it notes – for thoughts/to do’s that need to be dealt with ASAP
12. Lip balm and hand cream – Otherwise I’d neglect myself
13. Scissors, short and extra long stapler, blutack and a hole punch.

Other stuff in this draw: cutting mat, paper slicer, brushes, colour pencils, tags, coins and gum.

My styling and colour tool kits, sewing machine and giftwrapping box are stored in my desk cupboards – handy, but out of the way.

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