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Coffee & Conversation Books

I am a tactile, visual person, always have been… and although I enjoy a good novel particularly sitting pool-side sipping on a chilled glass of wine, the books I find myself returning to over and over again are coffee table books. The ritual of running my fingers over the hard cover feeling for texture, the paper stock, the big bold imagery and the snippets of easily digestable information has me completely immersed in that world…whatever it may be.

I love these books so much, that I often find myself looking for them in other peoples homes. Why? Well nothing provides a better, more immediate character assessment. Cultured? Well travelled? What they do or did for a living? hobbies? If the books are interesting enough or just stand out… watch me start firing off a million and one questions.

So, how do you select coffee table books for your home? My tips are simple;

  • They should be a reflection of you (& obviously of those whom you live with); hobbies, interests, careers or personal inspiration.
  • It shouldn’t be just any old book on your chosen subject, but rather a style, brand, person or key topic that really makes you tick.
  • If you entertain often and enjoy random conversation, look for books that pose questions or scenarios. They make for perfect ice-breakers which can lead to hours of entertainment.

Below are just a few books that would fit well into my personal collection. On top of the list;  Iznik, Pucci and Move & Work.

1 – Never Stop to Think … / 2 – Waves / 3 – Tom Ford / 4 – Time And Tide / 5 – The Art Book / 6 – / 7 – An Eye For Design / 8 – Iznik / 9 –  Everything is Made / 10 – Chloe: Attitude / 11 – Cuba / 12 – If  /13 – Influence  / 14  – 52 Suburbs / 15 – Pucci / 16 – Move And Work  / 17 – Kate Moss / 18 – Irreverent / 19 – Absolut Book / 20 – Mid-Century Ads

If I was picking for the husband…

1 – Cosmos / 2. The Big Book of Breasts 3D (We actually came across this book in HK – Couldn’t stop laughing) / 3. A World of Cigars  / 4. Sneakers

For more, check out my (continuously updated) list on Pinterest – here.

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