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Cleansing & Calming

Many of us unintentionally put too much ‘rubbish’ and stress in and on our bodies, that the occasional ‘rest’ is required. Both for our insides and out, and our mental health too.

As previously mentioned I’m currently on a mini cleanse due to some stomach issues. Below are a couple of things I’ve been doing this week to cleanse, calm and pamper the mind, body and soul:

Cleansing & Cleaning A

1. Give your digestive system a break; I started by eliminating all stimulants (coffee, sugar and alcohol) and then progressed to the elimination of meats. This week I’ve commenced the ‘strict 5 days’, which basically requires me to drink a mix of nutritionally balanced organic, vegan smoothies & juices and follow daily email instructions from the cleanse company.

2. Hydrating from the Inside; by sipping on lots and lots of lemon water.

3. Hydrating from the Outside; I lather up using my favourite scented body oils.

4. Dry brush; In a circular motion towards the heart every 3 days. It stimulates circulation and sloughs away dry skin.

5. Indulge in Scented Candles; by day and night. The heavenly scent transports me to some exotic beachside location…

6. Soak in a bath: Dim lights, a few drops of essential oils and a sachet of Epsom salts creates the perfect stress free environment to soak tired limbs away.

7. Relax the face & free the mind; With face masks and relaxing music.

8. Book a Massage: Needs no explanation! I’ve booked myself into an indulgent full body therapy session this week.

9. Put your feet up; and snuggle up with a good book or watch some old movies…

10. Sip on herbal teas; I love chamomile before bed and rosehip with lemon during the day.

#Note: your body can and does go through withdrawal symptoms (flu like symptoms, mouth ulcers, headaches etc.) at the beginning of a cleanse, so many companies suggest you keep physical activity to a minimum.

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