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My Bedside

Once I’ve made my way to bed, the chances of me getting out are very slim (it’s only a bulging bladder that will do the trick). As such, I like to keep everything I might need, close at hand. Being a “reformed” type A personality, I still like to keep things organised, so as to make my nightly ritual of makeup removal, moisturising, reading and note-making an easy process.

No, I don’t have my bathroom sink by my bed, but what you will find is…

  • A vintage ashtray which houses my hair pins and ties. I have so many of them, that if I didn’t have a home for them, they will be all over the place and nowhere to be found when I need one.
  • My skin care products; Payot milk and toner (doesn’t require water), a number of creams and serums dependant on my skins current behaviour, a tray which holds it all together whilst also being a place to keep any fine jewellery I take off of a night.
  • Flowers, normally lavender to aid sleep (I have a lavender bush growing in the yard) or off-cuts from a bunch I have purchased for the house.
  • My phone, which seconds as my alarm.
  • A candle. I go through candles every few weeks – this is a new Coconut candle c/o my baby sister.

In my drawer;

  • Handheld mirror, so I can see what I’m doing with my skin regime.
  • Hair clips/claws to keep the hair pulled away from my face during the skin regime.
  • Small jewellery boxes.

At the bottom of my bedside…

  • Books or mags I’m currently reading.
  • A notebook/diary & pen. I am one of those people that can’t sleep if I have something on my mind. Writing a to-do list or jotting down ideas helps me put my mind at ease.
  • The TV remote. Yup, we’ve got a TV in our bedroom (controversial I know) however, it’s mostly a weekend thing. Although, it did come in very handy during the FIFA World Cup and the very early morning matches.
  • Face wipes & pads,
  • Heat pack for when the husband or I have muscle aches.
  • Headphones… so I can listen to music (if I can’t sleep) without interrupting the husband.

Funnily enough, I only recently found out that the husband likes my (lazy girls) nightly ritual of makeup removal. His thoughts? a sign of self respect and diligence (insert raised eyebrow) but whatever floats his boat, right? hehe. Isn’t it funny how we interpret our actions one way and our partners another? I would love to hear what you keep by your beside… what are your musts? Am I the only lazy lady left around? What does your partner think of your bedtime ritual?

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