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Five Languages of love

Almost a decade ago, an older wiser colleague of mine mentioned the theory of ‘Love Languages’. You see, I used to think of love in two dimensions – actions and or words. But according to this theory, there are five ways to express love; Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Physical Touch and Receiving Gifts.

The interesting part about this theory is not that there are five expressions of love, but rather that we as individuals, value these ‘languages of love’ differently – and therefore we feel and show love in our dominate language.

For example, Quality Time is my primary ‘language’ – meaning I feel most loved when someone dedicates their time and attention to me. Likewise, I show love by giving my time and undivided attention.

My overall scores are as follows: 10 – Quality Time, 8 – Acts of Services, 8 – Words of Affirmation, 2 – Receiving Gifts, 2 – Physical Touch.

My husband on the other hand, has a very dominant primary language of Physical Touch followed by Acts of Service – Yes, he’s your typical male.

So why is this important? Well, what I’ve gained from this exercise is understanding… knowing that every light touch, every kiss, every foot rub, coffee and grocery run were all my husbands highest expression of love.
It also provided me with a better understanding of how to best show him love – my undivided attention or words of affirmation don’t have the same impact on him as say a long holding hug or a kiss goodbye every morning.

Knowing and speaking each-others love language is not only something you should do with your partner, but any loving relationship – your parents, siblings, friends. Understanding makes us better people and in my case, happier people.

Interested in doing the test? Visit here. Would love to hear what you all get!


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Here, now…

Up until a few years ago, I was a clear cut Type A personality. Some would even say borderline autistic. Being the eldest of four to immigrant parents, I grew up fiercely independent being my parents go-to and often ‘second mum’ to my siblings. I did everything on my own, because simply put, I had no one to turn to.

In my early teens, I realised there were not too many kids in my same position, so as any insecure teen would do, I hid my struggles (Oh lordy, I was introverted) and never dared asked for help.

This created a monster in some sense – a fire in my belly that made me strive; I wanted to break boundaries, whilst making everything look effortlessly easy/perfect, at any cost.

It eventually came…. at the cost of my health. My corporate career had me sitting behind a desk for 65-70 hours a week, I would exercise vigorously to de-stress, which was counter productive as it only released more cortisol (stress hormone) in my system. I was studying my Masters in Commerce and Image Consultancy, I was a newly-wed wanting to prove myself as the ‘good-wife’/home-keeper, I was still the go-to for family and friends for everything and anything (and because I knew all-too-well, how hard doing things on your own was – I would never say no) and this was all before other personal commitments and curveballs thrown at you by life.

I was finding myself getting sick and heading to the doctors on a fortnightly basis… at one point, weekly. But it wasn’t until I went on holidays to the US that things really started to unravel… It started with not being able to eat and drink, then move, a horrendous fever, pain like I’ve never felt before, hallucinations, organ failure and eventually – life threatening Septicemia.

It’s safe to safe the husband and I had never been more scared in our lives…
Eventually after returning to Australia, and a number of surgeries… the culprit was discovered… my body was shutting down from stress.

This all-to-close wake up call changed me … You’re probably wondering ‘where is she going with all of this’?

Well as every year passes I count my lucky stars. I look to do those things that make me happy, fulfilled and stress free. The ‘signs of my success’ are no longer important (although I still do enjoy a bit of a luxury every now and then), but for me the biggest changes has been learning to ask for assistance, saying no occasionally and taking time for myself – a breather (or meditation as many people would call it). For someone that has always had an overactive mind that talks to itself… this was no easy feat.

My Tips;

  • Find a spot you know you will not be interrupted.
  • Either sit with a strong spine but relaxed shoulders and head, or lay down.
  • Listen to soothing sounds – YouTube has some amazing hour long tracks, this one is my fave, others you might like can be found here, here, or here. This will help settle your breathing and have you focus on your current surrounds and sounds versus planning the week ahead.
  • Close your eyes and focus on slowing your breathing and heart rate. Feel the inhale and exhale of each breath…how it feels, your ribcage as it expands and contracts.
  • If you find yourself starting to think about something or someone, bring it back to your breathing and your body. Focus on the present…
  • When you find yourself calm… your breathing steady and slow – enjoy!
  • And when your ready open your eyes slowly . Do some gently stretches…
  • Practice! It took me a couple of months to achieve a quiet mind but it can and will happen.

My sessions last anywhere between 15 – 30 minutes…but on average I find myself naturally starting to open my eyes around the 20 minute mark. I meditate every other day or when I’m highly stressed or have something on my mind. I find not thinking actually helps me think clearer… xA

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In with the new…

May 2015 bring generous blessings, good health, fortune, adventure and lots of loving!

xoxo Anna

Naughty or Nice

Watching peoples faces light up when they unravel a gift they really wanted or didn’t expect is one of my favourite things about Christmas and gift-giving in general. Below are just a couple of the beautiful gifts (big & small) that did that for me…

Scanlan Theodore White Linen Shorts

Elemental Herbology gold Shimmer body oil, The Paleo Diet by Daniel Green

Bumble & Bumble City Waves Surf Spray, A bag of goodies – Recovery Bars and No Sugar Dark Acai Berry Chocolate

Mor Lychee Flower Reed Deffuser Set

Merry Christmas

Wishing Happiness, Good Health and Harmony For All.

xox Anna


After a crazy 10 days in Singapore and Hong Kong… I am back home but have been under the weather since my arrival Monday afternoon. Catching up on zzzz’s and spending time with the husband have been a priority.

As I didn’t get a chance to plan any posts over the last few days (apologies – very unlike me)… I thought I’d share the snaps I’ve taken on my phone. Junk sailing trips, late nights, early morning meals, great company, meeting my fave chef (Tetsuya Wakuda), shopping and fitness…. a random, but very real look into my life.


Nothing like an amazing birthday weekend to remind you of just how blessed you are! I feel beyond spoilt and super guilty! Below are a few of the extremely generous gifts I received…

Fendi Shopper & Tony Bianco Pony Hair Pumps

Morgan & Taylor Floppy Felt Hat, Scanlan Theodore Tunic

On top of the above… Love from around the world (messages, phone calls, photos xoxo), a matching Scanlan Theodore skirt, gorgeous cobalt blue cashmere jumper, my favourite wine from my favourite winery in the Hunter Valley, NSW AUS, the most STUNNING Ancient Greek Sandals, $$ (to spend as desired whilst o/s), hand cream, a lotto tickets and the best cheeses, desserts, lunches, brunches and dinners I filled my face with.


I have been avoiding Instagram since it first came out but after looking at some of the amazing pictures I’ve taken with my phone over the years, I’ve decided it’s about time.

Apologies for skipping the regular Wednesday outfit post. Things will be back to normal on the blog as of next week.



A lot of the time I feel too old for  Christmas presents…. I love giving them, actually nothing makes me happier, but I can’t help feel undeserving and totally spoilt.
Below are just a few of the amazing gifts I received for Christmas 2013.

Hunter BootsHunter Original Tall Wellington boots in Navy

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones & Wittner Topper Pumps in Leopard
necklace & ring
Pandora Silver Bubble Ring & Liberté Sweet Escape Necklace
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I am finding it a little difficult to get back in the swing of things this Monday morning. So I thought I would first update you with some images from New Years Eve. As mentioned in a previous post, it was spent with some amazing friends and family at The Opera Bar @ Sydney’s Circular Quay. As you can probably guess from the images below, the theme was Beach Party…


LifesaversWearing: The Sloane Society Kaftan, New Look Tube top, Forever 21 Necklace, Venus Shorts, Tony Bianco Shoes

harbour bridgeThe spectacular view from the Opera Bar

Hope everyone had a wonderful time bringing in the new year – here is to us & 2014! x A

Images 8 & 11 C/O F.Ball

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