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So I may have picked up…

A stacked heel and denim skirt. Although in my defense both have been on my most-wanted list for some time. And! with denim being a staple and the stacked heel still being very dominant on the runway (hello the Chloe’s I couldn’t justify) I’ll definitely get my wear out of these.

Skirt: American Apparel high-waist denim mini skirt – super flattering stretch denim and the higher waist (not too high) which lends itself perfectly to flat shoes. Shoes: Kimono Tan Glamour Puss shoes from Wanted. Envisage wearing these with flawy dressed, flared denim (à la 70’s trend) and cute short shorts.


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In the past I may have alluded to my love for thrift/charity store shopping. Scouring aisles for that one item that just screams out at you, AND it only gets better when you see the ridiculous price tag.

My aim: to find beautiful items with potential. A good wash, nip, chop, scrub, lick of paint, polish or repurpose can give any item a new lease of life.

Here are a few of my tips:

  • Time: Go when you have lots of it. No point rushing.
  • Unique: I always look for items that stand out. Does it pop, is it unusual, fun patterns, does it scream a particular era? Often when you isolate these items or style them with simpler items, they just work. Often they become the ‘talk’ – “I would never have picked that up – but OMG!”
  • Inspect: Look over each item closely. Check for stains, holes, loose seams, fading, rust, scratches or any other signs of damage. Can it be fixed? Does it add character? Note: Don’t be scared off by small flaws. Skirt too long or slightly too big? Take it up, take it in. Chunky printed knit has a small fray on shoulder? Sew it up from the inside. It will be barely visible due to the print. Vintage Tshirts – Holes and faded colours make it that much cooler!
  • Google: Think you’ve stumbled on a vintage brand? Or a collectable? Look it up. Found red pants in your size and a flattering shape, but are not sure if you can pull it off? Google looks. 
  • Try: Try before you buy. Most thrift stores will have dressing rooms, so make sure you do try each item on. Even if you think you know your size, clothes, particularly second hand clothes, stretch and change shape. Note: Just like shopping for new items; look for your flattering colours & shapes …
  • Ask: Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. Think that stool is priced too high? The store staff might think so too.
  • Frequency: People drop things off all the time. Ask staff if they have a busier drop off day.
  • Walk Away: Don’t be afraid to walk out empty handed. There is no point in spending money (even if it is a bargain) if you can’t use the item or you don’t absolutely love it.
  • Fun: Most importantly have fun! Bring a friend and make the most of it.

Below are a few of my recent thrift store finds…

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Little Loves

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to get me excited. Below are a few little loves (below $50) that I wouldn’t mind bringing home…

1. Voodoo 5Th Ave Tights 2. Circe Ear Cuffs 3. OPI AmazON… AmazOff Nail Varnish 4. Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo-brunette 5. Anastasia Beverly Hills brow scissors 6. Alicorn Horn Necklace 7. Interlink Bracelet  8. Asos Boyfriend T-shirt 3 Set 9. Skinny Exotic Belt

Tongue in cheek

Just a little excited by my Jaws t-shirt that I picked up at Primark for £6. It got a lot of  use on the gullet cruise, but now I’m looking forward to wearing it at the beach in Kos…

Wear & Tear

I find there are certain shoes in my daily life that get more wear and tear, mud, rain, scuffed and trampled on than others. For much of the year it’s my casual ankle boots. And although they tend to look better with wear … they reach the end of their tether rather quickly. My answer has always been cheap and cheerfuls … like these cute $40 booties from Target.

Early Buzz

There is something special about getting up relatively early on a Saturday morning to enjoy the buzz of cafe goers and flea market enthusiasts.  Actually, it’s one of my favourite things to do… meeting a girlfriend at a local organic cafe, getting that much needed caffeine hit whilst munching away on a breakfast you wouldn’t normally make yourself (bircher muesli for me) and gas-bagging away until you’re sufficiently up-to-speed on the latest happenings in your girlfriends life.

Then the real fun starts; scouring the markets with a keen eye whilst engaging in small talk that doesn’t detract too much attention from the sprawls of goodies that lay/hang in front of you.

A beautiful hand printed rug/table cloth I found at Glebe markets this Saturday past and a few travel books I picked up … yes, planning a mid-year  getaway. 
Cheap and cheerful additions to the wardrobe – three bargain priced printed ASOS camisoles.
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The Little Things

Whenever I’m trying to curb my spending, I find that little purchases are enough to keep me going for that little bit longer…

For instance, my new shower gel which smells absolutely divine! Vanilla and Raspberry – enough said, right?

AND…the latest copy of Rush; my fashion fix without eating away at my new [much smaller] shopping budget. All for a good cause – planning for another European vacation this year.



Sale Time Jan 2014
Trying to be on my best behaviour, however some of these sale items are just too tempting!

  1. MiH Jeans Safari Chambray Shirt
  2. Rick Owens Cotton Jersey Top
  3. Theory Fifi Cotton Peplum Shirt
  4. Equipment Mina Tie-Front Top
  5. Balenciaga Aviator Glasses
  6. Jil Sander Wool-blend Wide Leg Pant
  7. Iris & Ink Tri-tone Cashmere Sweater
  8. Helmut Lang Draped Chiffon Top
  9. Primary Python Moss Clutch 
  10. Kain Walker Striped Sweater 

Need! Want! Now!

Such a cute corset top from H&M – it has to be mine! And at $79 Singaporean dollars (approx: $68 Aus) it’s a bargain. The only problem now is…when am I next visiting Singapore!


Couldn’t help it…

So I bought these cute suede shorts… I envisage wearing them casually with a loose fir grey singlet and red sandals, or dress the look up with a crisp white shirt and heels. Either way, they’ll get a lot of wear this coming Sydney Summer.

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