Friday Inspiration

This morning started early and as such, got me thinking about productivity vs being busy for the sake of being busy.

I came to the conclusion that I fall into the ‘busy’ trap for two major reasons 1. I say yes to too many things and 2. Because others don’t have the same regard for my time, as they do their own. I think this is one of those problems that require a little more time to digest…

So, what’s got me ticking today?

1. Denim Shorts – on the search for a new pair…

2. This Tee…
1977622fd9b3aba1e9b6b5be1fca4cad c5d6b21202e070de2125caaa3b84f4fc

3. Gallery Walls…

4. Rosie’s simple elegance…

5. Listening to folk this morning – Kaleo – All the Pretty Girls

6. Words of the week

Have a great weekend peeps! See you next week x A

1.iamnotacelebrity 2. loversanddrifter 2. dusck-jacket-attic 3. 4. Rosie HW Instagram 5. 6.the-gleam-of-rose-gold-tumblr

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