Friday Inspiration

I wouldn’t say I’ve been a grinch this silly season, but I’ve certainly been very slow to embrace the Christmas spirit. No tree, no decorations and no Christmas cards were sent out this year; I’m lucky to have even finalised my shopping!

But now that businesses have started to shut (namely all my trades) and work has finished for the year, I find myself ready to sing those silly tunes and share every minute eating, drinking and laughing with those that mean the world to me.

The Christmas tradition I look forward to most? Heading to midnight mass with the family, singing carols at the top of our lungs and then heading to my childhood home, where we share gifts and start our festive feasting.

Okay, so what’s got me ticking this Friday?

1. The cutest of gifts – this succulent garden from flower power

2. These silver Arc Earrings by Holly Ryan

holly_ryan_arc_earring_silver_2_2048x2048 holly_ryan_arc_earring_silver_2048x2048

3. These Books! (There are more including Movies, Literature etc) They take “big idea” and explain them simply…

4. Layering, which I haven’t done in a while…

5. Listing to ‘All I Want For Christmas’ Carpool Karaoke version

6. Words of the week & what I hope for;

Merry Christmas beautiful people…Thank you for your ongoing support & see you in the New Year! x A

1.Flower power 2.Par Femme 3. Amazon 4.songofstyle 5.Youtube  6.Pinterest


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