Friday Inspiration

Over the last few weeks, my mind has been well and truly focused on simplifying – simplifying life, belongings and schedules. I know this is a cyclical feeling that rears its ugly head when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed or unorganised.

And the answer is simple, right? Get organised.  However life is never that simple. Working, running my own business, studying and not to mention the ‘other factors’ we all have to deal with, means getting organised is not as easy as we’d all hope.

So, my aim over the next few weeks is to try and tick one “toad” off my to-do list, per week. It may not be a big item every week, but at least it’s something.

I’d love to hear your tips on tackling the not-so-urgent (but still needs to be done) to-do lists.

Okay, back to business. It’s Friday and what’s got me ticking today includes;

1. Candela – She just oozes style

2. This minimalist hallway

3. Lily Colins hair and makeup – contemplating going back to fiery red
Lily Collins

4. Red & light blue
Red & Blue

5. Listening to Consoul Trainin – Take me to infinity


6. Words of the week – and oh so true! But goes against my aim of simplifying.

Have a great weekend peeps! See you Monday xA

1. Dvora Via Fashionistable 2.My Domaine 3. thecoveteur 4. Lefashion 5. Youtube 6. sailorandsage

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