Friday Inspiration

During dinner this week, the husband and I realised that in October this year, we’ll be celebrating 3 years of being back in Australia. This came as a little bit of a shock. What have we been doing with ourselves??? I hate nothing more, than the idea of “wasting time”.

Thankfully, it only took a quick scroll through my camera roll to realise we were moving – a lot ! We lived in 3 locations and spent even more time travelling… Singapore – 6 times, Thailand x 2, England x 2, Ireland x 1, Scotland x1, Czech Republic x 1, Turkey x 1 Greece x 1, New Zealand x 1, USA (East & West Coast) x 1, Norway x 1, Sweden x 1, Denmark x 1 and Loas x 1. And this list excludes all our travel within Australia.

In fact, I think it may be time to slow down – well, maybe after our Hawaii trip in August.

Being Friday, the things making me tick today include:

1.Patricia Manfield & Giotto Calendoli after Missoni Show in Milan…
Patricia Manfield by

2.These stunning statement souffle chairs by Kelly Wearstler…
Kelly Wearstler Souffle Chairs

3. Bathroom Inspiration…

4.Burgundy Leather Jackets…

5. Listening to Kllo – Walls to build. Such a lovely chill out tune…

6. Words of the week:

Enjoy your weekend peeps! I’ll see you Monday x A

1.koinho 2.Kelly Wearstler domaine 4.qinxueee tumblr 5.Youtube 6.Twitter

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