Friday Inspiration

As another busy working week slowly comes to an end, my excitement levels are starting to rise. Two of my favourite people are getting married tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier to help them celebrate. On top of that, next week is bringing a mini getaway for the husband and I. Some much needed alone time, which is often so hard to come by unless you schedule it in!

So, what’s got me ticking today?

1. Watson X Watson’s classic winter collection…

2. This private pool overlooking the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

3. 50 Shades of grey…. nails

4. The cutest beach umbrellas @ Sunday Supply Co

5. Listening to… Kelvin Jones 

6. Words of the week – & should follow myself. I’m such an over-sharer. Embarrassingly so… haha

Have a great weekend peeps! see you Monday xA

1.watsonxwatson 2.@Wolganv 3. 4.Sunday Supply Co 6. websta

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