Friday Inspiration

Looking at my calendar the other night, I came to the realisation that every weekend from now to mid-May is filled with a ‘significant event’ of some sort. Such a big year for many of my family and friends. Excitement levels are getting hard to contain. I must admit, I’m also a little worried too – I don’t recover as well as I use to!

What’s got me ticking this Friday?

1.  Swedish buns made with homemade nutella…

2.  Kimonos and chunky jewellery…

3. Pink textured sofa…

4.This Whistles striped knit …

5. Listening to the beats of SNBRN – Raindrops

6. Wise words of the week

Enjoy your weekend peeps! I’ll see you Monday xA

1.InesPandzic 2.zsazsabellagio-tumblr 3.the coveteur 4.ASOS 5. Youtube 6. HelloGiggles

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