Friday Inspiration

What a busy but beautiful week! From celebrating 8 years of marriage, to work wins and birthdays, this weekend will prove to be just as busy.  Whilst typically I crave the slow and spontaneous, I’m looking forward the excitement and celebrations my jam-packed weekend will bring!

You know the drill, It’s Friday and what’s got me ticking today includes;

1. These Tony Bianco ‘JESSICA’ Boots

2. This workspace…

3. This Coat! I love long-lined structured fits…

4. Colour co-ordinated bookshelves + ladders…

5. Listening to Enigma 

6. Words of the week. I’d also add “Stop creating your own drama”. Unfortunately, I know a few people that like to do this. Convinced it’s so they have something to bitch, oops! I mean talk about hahaha.

Have a fabulous weekend peeps! See you Monday xA
P.S. Happy Birthday to my Sis for today and my bestie for the leap – Mwah! Love you both x

1.@walkinwonderland 2.@aguynamedpatrick 3.Song of Style 4.Lonny 5.Youtube 6.Ashleyelladesign

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