Christmas Gift Guide: When you don’t know what to give…

A few of my fail proof gift ideas, for when you’ve got no idea what to give…

1. Candles – I like to stick to light and fresh scents, but just as important is the appearance.
2. Cook Books – There is a cook book for everyone! The entertainer, the time poor, the bloke, the raw foodie, the dessert queen – you get the idea…
3. Deluxe Fruit Boxes – A gift the whole household will enjoy.
4. Hanging Plant – I love the idea of creating a hanging herb garden or edible garden.
5. Homeware – Simple designs and natural materials is my go to – Think wooden, stone, unglazed ceramics etc
6. Baked Goods – Head over to your favourite store and pick a beautiful selction of baked goods. If they don’t do gift packs, buy a cookie jar or line a beauftil box or basket with a pretty tea towel.
7. Tea Set – Alternatively a Coffee, Hot Chocolate, or even a cocktail kit – everyone has a drink if choice

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