Friday Inspiration

A beautiful start to my rather busy Friday – a long and slow walk along the local bay to get my Zen on!

So, what’s else has got me ticking today?

1. Cute nail art… All black with the exception of two nails… 

2. Interesting tablescapes that tell a story about the home and those who live in it…

3. Boots with long dresses…

4. Absolutely beautiful gift boxes…

5. Listening to Golden by Szymon. A posthumous album (Tigersapp) released by Szymon’s family in August this year.
Szymon battled with depression and tragically took his own life at the age of 23.

6. Wise words of the week – Hell yes! Make the most of every day.
On a side note: It never ceases to amaze me … just how many people I know, who let self-doubt get the better of them. The funny thing is, when I look at them all I see is magic and possibility. If you’ve been sitting on an idea, a thought, a hope, a dream – Do it! Oh and if you know one of these precious people, remind them just how magic and talented they truly are!

Hoping the silly season isn’t getting the better of you. Have an awesome weekend peeps! See you Monday x A

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