Friday Inspiration

Do you ever feel like your weeks blur into months? and your calendar and to-do list have you hanging on every minute, of every hour, of every day? October is the slow and steady climber to the silly season climax … and my already tattered diary is on its last legs as I try to scribe in the invitations and events making their way to my digital and physical mailboxes. Exciting! but also a little concerning – how to get any work done??

But that’s a concern for another day! What’s got me ticking this Friday?

1. Jewellery overload…

2. Orange pumps…

3. Irina Lakicevic (could she be any cooler) in this photo wearing Stella McCartney & Céline

4.  Long days! So happy day-light savings is here!

5. Listing to Rudimental Featuring Ed Sheeran – Lay it all on me 

6. Words of the week – Things appear so much clearer when you’re calm.

Have a great weekend peeps! I’ll see you Monday x A

1.Glamradar 2. Visual Therapy 3.Portable Package 4. Justcallmegrace  5. Youtube 6.Textgram via Inspirationinpictures

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