Friday Inspiration

This week my eating patterns have changed considerably after seeing a nutritionist for some dietary advice. I am one of those people that have trouble sleeping (4-5 hours on average) I’m always hungry (even though I eat well and in the right quantities/calories) and no matter how much exercise I do (5-6 days on an average week) or do not do (1-2 days when I’m lazy) my body doesn’t change much. So, I figured it was time to have a chat with someone that analyses and understands bodies and diets for a living…

So with all that said… my weekend is going to revolve around food! and lots of it – eating every 2-3 hours. But other then food, what’s making me tick today?

1.  Ystudios stationary. I’ve  always had a thing for stationary (since I was a little girl) lets just say nothing has changed – Find here

2. This dress…

3. Delicates…

4. Spicy grilled watermelon and the summer sun…

5. Listening to Rufus – Desert Night …an old fave 

6. Wise words of the week – such an important lesson…

Have a fabulous weekend peeps! I’ll see you Monday x A

1. YStudios 2. 3. 4.Floating Kitchen 5.Youtube 6.splitalk



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