$hopping $ales!


The mid-year sales have officially kicked off this week, with some of our big retailers boasting sales of up to 50% off.

Normally I’m not one for sales; everything appears to be a mess, there are crowds everywhere, the stock is more of the same-same, and the idea of getting caught-up in the hype (coming home with items I don’t really need) almost always scares me away. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get a bargain or that battling the crowds isn’t worth it.

Here are just a few of my rules for shopping the sales;

1. Do an audit & make a list – What needs replacing around your home or in your wardrobe over the next few months? Do you have any gaps that you need to fill? Think broad and practical – Towels, Bed linen, Jeans etc. Know your favourite brands and sizes.

2. Do your research online prior – I always start with the large department stores as they have a larger selection and tend to have better discounts. Follow up with your favourite brands.

3. Prioritise & budget – Based on your research, prioritise your stores and departments, and set a budget.

4. Prepare – Comfortable shoes, large tote, water, paracetamol, a snack and clothing that is easy to get in and out of.

5. Hit the Stores Early – Get in early and hit your stores based on your priority list.

6. The big five – Fit, Quality, Worth, Style Longevity, Excitement Level – I always ask myself a number of questions when shopping sales items; Does it fit properly? Are those shoes just that bit tight? Is this item of quality? Is it going to last a few washes? Is it worth the price tag? Cost-per-wear equation for clothing and thread count/material type for homeward. Does this style have longevity? Is it a classic or basic? Is it a trend?

Now, if you’ve answered the above and the answers are more on the negative side, there is one last test – Your Excitement level. Did you squeal when you found this item? Did your eyes light up? Is it you all over? Would you have purchased this item at full price? If the answer is yes – buy away.

A couple of items I’ve got my eye on;

Florence Broadhurst fingers quilt cover set kingSheridan millennia queen 1200tc fitted sheetSamsonite spin trunk largeFlorence Broadhurst ikeda bath towelPaige verdugo skinny jeans, For Love and Lemons jade bat your lashes bra.


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