Friday Inspiration

I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed over the last few weeks. My mind has been preoccupied with a crazy to-do list, that even having my husband back from his month long work trip couldn’t snap me out of my emotionless and focused zombie state (sorry M!).
But earlier this week, good news from one of my closet ‘couple’ friends changed everything. They welcomed baby number two into this world. Now, I am already pretty infatuated with their first, BUT when I was casually handed a tiny 24hour old burrito, I became so overwhelmed with emotion I couldn’t hold back tears *insert ugly crying face here. I held this little bundle of perfection for a few hours in absolute awe… only for the flooding emotions to do a double-take when asked to be Godparents – absolutely honoured!

So, you know the drill. What’s got me ticking today?

1. This look – need me a sleeveless trench!

2. Thisย bright and beautiful boathouse…see more here

3. Lace and lace-up detail…

4. Pretty Bookshelves …

5. Listening to Sunshine by Marra Kesh, wishing I was seaside…ย 

6. Personal style at any age…

6. Words of the week…

Have a fabulous weekend peeps! See you Monday xA

1.whowhatwear 2.mydomaine 3. PP Pinterest 4. mydomaine 5. Youtube 6.thesartoralist 7.theyallhateus

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