Friday Inspiration

This morning I’ve woken up without work or chores on my mind (last nights drinks may have helped), but I can’t help already feeling the stress of running about tomorrow and then between the two families on Sunday. Thankfully Monday is a Public holiday, as I’m going to need it!

So, what’s got me ticking today?

1. Model Sasha Luss and her cute ears,

2. Natural indigo blue eggs – yet to dye a few of my own…

3. Aquazzura Wild Thing fringed suede sandals – seriously could shoes get any better?

4. Boho dresses …

5. Listening to King by Years & Years 

6. Words of the week and words I certainly live by. The idea of holding on to things from the past, is a burden I don’t want in life. Just let yourselves free people – you’ll be a lot happier…

Have a wonderful weekend peeps. If you’re celebrating Easter – hope it’s a beautiful time with family and friends… and for those that don’t, go create some mischief. See you Monday xox A

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