Beauty Tools

When it comes to beauty products, I am very much a creature of habit – I have my clear favourites. And as much as I like to play with new products, it’s very rare that I waiver. Last week after sitting down to do my nails (and misplacing my favourite cuticle pusher) I realised I am just as loyal to many of my beauty tools as I am to my beauty products. Below are a few of my trusty tools…

1. Metal Cuticle Pusher
This tool is probably one of my favourite nail tools – in fact I don’t know how I went without for so many years. It literally halves the time and effort of cleaning your nail bed versus their plastic or wooden alternatives.

2. Cutex Nail File
This nail file is the ultimate in shaping. Yes it’s metal and yes it looks severe, but let me assure you this super fine file helps me achieve my shape quickly without any rough edges.

3. Manicare Cuticle Cutter
To cut or not to cut… Let’s just say I like to trim occasionally and this is the only tool I use.

4. Manicare Scissors
I’ve had my fair share of nail scissors, but these babies have the perfect combination of bend and point to ensure precision every time.

5. Manicare 4 Step Buffer
Not only is this nail buffer essential for prepping the nail surface prior to polishing, but when I want a polish free look, this buffer adds the perfect level of shine.

6. 1000 Hour Heated Eyelash Curler
This little gem is how I curl the hard to reach lashes in the inner and outer corners of the eye. It also provides the perfect natural curl finish to your tips.

7. Tweezerman Tweezers
Expensive – yes, worth it – definitely! They’ve got the perfect angle, point and grip to grab hold of even the finest of hairs. Bought mine back in 2008 in Switzerland – still have them!

8. Tesshape Eyelash Comb
So I picked this comb up in Japan, after forgetting my original eyelash comb at home. I’m glad I did, because it has already outlasted every comb I’ve had in the past (no metal teeth falling out during the cleaning process) and they work a treat for separating lashes after hastily applying mascara.

9. Forever 21 and Sephora Blending Sponges
The fanned Forever 21 sponge is a great way to finish up for a streak free look. The Sephora sponge, provides the prefect round end for blending cream blush and a precision point for foundation application.

10. Tweezerman Eyelash Curler
This is the only metal lash curler I buy and use. It lets me get right to the base of my lashes for the ultimate lift.

11. Too Cool For School ‘Makeup Remover’ Q-tips
Too Cool For School is a Korean cosmetics brand I first fell in love with 2 years ago. When it comes to innovation in beauty, they’re leading the charge… but it’s their humble q-tip (which you pull apart, to send the liquid makeup remover rushing to the cotton tip) that is still my fave. No excuses for smudged or uneven eyeliner with these saviours around.

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