Friday Inspiration

Sleep-ins, brunch and dinner dates, friends and shopping is how I want to be spending my weekend. However, my growing chores list may have something to say about how this weekend is going to be spent. The oh-so-glamorous grocery run, cleaning, washing, ironing and a little work in the office too.  But hey, after the already full week I’ve had – dinner dates, Ed Sheeran in concert and The Royal Easter Show, I can’t complain.

So, What’s got me ticking today?

1. This pic – because I’m having a ‘I want to live in a t-shirt and underwear’ kinda day… (if only my ass looked that good!)

2. We all have our grammar pet peeves – read 20 common grammar mistakes that almost everyone gets wrong

3. Amazing carpeted staircase…

4. Grey grey grey….loving it at the moment

5. Chilling to Vance Joy – Georgia 

6. Wise words of the week…
Have a wonderful weekend peeps! See you Monday – Mwah! xA

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