Beauty Buys

For the most part, I tend to stick to my favourite beauty products (the tried and tested), but every now and then I come across products that come highly recommended or that stir too much curiosity not to try. Below are three products that have recently entered my home and are here to stay…

1. Hello Hair Hydrating Mask 2. Mario Badescu Drying lotion 3. Maybelline Master Graphic eyeliner 

My favorite new find is the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. What exactly does it do? It helps with those pesky pimples that pop up out of nowhere. How to use? First and foremost – do not shake the bottle. Use a q-tip to get to the pink substance at the bottom of the bottle and apply directly to your affected (clean) skin.

Eyeliner is one of my must-have beauty products, so I tend to watch this beauty space…Maybelline master graphic eyeliner is an angled liquid pen liner, thats great for a strong winged or graphic effect. Super easy to use and comes in the darkest of blacks for maximum impact.

Hello hair hydrating mask was actually a gift from a girlfriend (i’m sure she was sick of hearing me whine about my dry ends). This very fluid mask is super hydrating and leaves your hair with a beautiful lustre.

One thought on “Beauty Buys

  1. The drying is lotion is bomb!!

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