Friday Inspiration

They say you know you’re best of friends when you haven’t seen someone in a long time, but when you finally reunite, nothing changes…you kick off, where you left.  That’s exactly what the husband and I are currently experiencing with seven friends that have flown in from Singapore and met us in Western Australia. Our shenanigans are back to the norm of our Singapore-days. Happy happy days.

So, what’s got me ticking today?

1. Aussie beaches (oh my – WA has some stunners!!)… and the idea of looking this chic walking along one

2. Gladiator Sandals…. I love my handmade pair from Greece, but these Valentino’s are just something other!

3. Pretty sheer lace dresses…

4. Listening to Motez (Adelaide boy) – Own up …

5. Words of the week…

Enjoy your weekend peeps! I’ll see you Monday x A

1.youbroketheinternet  2.Theyallhateus 3.whatareyoulookinatbitch 4.Youtube 5. Expanded Consciousness

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