Arranging Flowers

I typically buy a bunch of flowers every week.  They brighten up a room instantly and the fragrance is just an added bonus. Buying a ready arranged bunch, can set you back a fare bit so I opt for seasonal blooms from the local grocer or fruit barn and arrange them myself.

Below is my ‘how to’ guide to ensure your beautiful blooms have longevity….

1. As soon as you get your flowers home, trim a small amount off each stem and put them in water.
2. When you’re ready to arrange, start by removing leaves that will sit below water level (this will stop rotting, and keep your arrangement lasting longer)

3. Once you’ve removed the low leaves, cut and set aside any flowers or foliage stems that are too short or sit too low on another stem.  These can be used for a smaller arrangement.
4. Measure one flower stem in the vase – cut for size. As a guide, the stem should hit the bottom corner of the vase.
5. Cut all remaining stems roughly the same length.
6. Start with your centre flower and slowly add flowers and stems constantly turning your arrangement ensuring a round shape is maintained.

7. Continue until you’ve used all your flowers and foliage and you are happy with how the bunch looks.
8. Tie the bunch together and cut any stems that appear longer.

9. Now arrange any of your shorter off-cuts in a similar manner.

10. In each vessel/vase put a small amount of sugar (for nutrients), a few drops of bleach or hydrogen peroxide (to kill any bacteria/bugs) and fill the vase with room temperature water (If the water is too cold, it will shock the flowers/stems).

11. Change the water ever  4-5 days or when it begin to look mirky.

One thought on “Arranging Flowers

  1. upsidediy says:

    You arrange flowers beautifully!

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