Friday Inspiration

Things have been feeling kinda buzzy this week. We’ve been busy with work, running errands and last minute preparations for our getaway (to Western Australia) next week. On top of this, the husband has been tied up with uni assignments most evenings, and his weekend will unfortunately be dominated by 9-5 lectures.

Saturday being Valentines day, we’ve been feeling obliged to organise something “more”. But being the relaxed duo we are, our “more” is a double date which includes Mary’s burgers and putt putt golf. Sounds perfect to me!

So, what’s got me ticking today?

1. Coolest of couples ….

2. The cutest one piece…find it here

3. One of my biggest girl crushes – Phoebe Tonkin (Australian actress and model) on The Coveteur.  A girl of my own heart – vintage T-shirts, boots, lots of denim, pretty dresses and her use of emoji’s! umm hello can we be best friends?

4. Handwritten notes – becoming a lost art…20ede0a17fd405a0a5c0a27193e35e0e

5. Listening to Outlines by Mike Mago & Dragonette  

6. Words of the week – firm believer in staying wild @ heart… for yourself and your lover.
PinterestHave a fabulous weekend! sending my love xx A
See you Monday.


1. nono-s 2. shop planet blue 3. The Coveteur 4. Goop 5.Youtube  6.Polished Presence Pinterest

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