Friday Inspiration

This week has been a quick one thanks to the Australia-Day long weekend. But for many, it also signifies the real beginning of the New Year. Kids are back to school, offices are back to their buzzing selves and we’re already starting the countdown to our next holiday. Thankfully, I don’t have to wait too long (I’m such a gypsy) and this weekends Travel Expo @ Sydney Olympic Park will only fuel my thirst.  Other than travel, what’s got me ticking today?

1. Hair embellishments…cool, no?

2. Cute booties in any colour other than black

3. Coats and trenches (the change of weather in Sydney is to blame). Sooooo in love with this Roberto Cavalli Phython trench….

4. Yoga and this girl – Elle! I use to attend Yoga weekly in Singapore. I loved my teacher who made it not so ‘fluffy’ And it helped that all my girls would attend, which made it a bit of a social event before and after class. Now, I’m looking to get back into it with my hilarious neighbour – I can only imagine what we’ll be like doing the downward dog together.

Anyhow, back to Elle – huge girl crush! If you don’t already know of her/follow her, she is one seriously inspirational hottie. Check out her Blog here and her Instagram here. She talks very candidly about her health issues, food and of course – getting bendy. Her progress pictures give me hope.

5. Listening to ‘Wish you were mine’ – Philip George 

6. Words of the week… Take time for yourselves and your dreams peeps! I know I will! Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday! xA 1.naimabarcelona 2. v-ehemence 3. dustjacketattic  4.ellefitactive 5.Youtube 6.Matte & Sequins

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