Friday Inspiration

Contentment is one of the most underrated feelings of all. Everyone wants the highs! the euphoria! the excitement! Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge excitement junkie, but contentment…knowing all is good – it’s a bright beaming blessing. The paradox of contentment (being happy with enough) is that it does make you excited and euphoric without having to do or gain anymore. Vicious cycle right? *wink.

So what’s got me ticking this Friday?

1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Paige denim… 2. Such a clever idea – hang a eucalyptus (or any other fragrant hardy plant) branch in the shower. The steam helps release the amazing aroma… anyone feeling relaxed already? 3. Denim is one of my favourite materials of all time. I have everything from shirts, skirts, jeans and even shoes!!! But I’m still on the look-out for the perfect denim jacket. This Levis one has caught my eye – the fit and wash…

4. Listening to Odesza – Sun Models Feat. Madelyn Grant. The found of summer!  5. Treasures of the sea, on display…. 6. Words of the week…. Our best-selves are our original-selves. Those who do not like it, will walk away and that is fine. It just means we are spending more time with the people that matter, who grow us… the real us. Don’t be shamed or feel guilty for doing what is right for you. You will achieve nothing by just following the crowds. Those that truly value you for you might not walk the same path, but sure as hell… they’ll be yelling words of encouragement from the sidelines. This is the hardest part of life, but also the greatest! Have a fabulous weekend peeps! I’ll see you all Monday xA 1.Instyle 2. Cupofjoy 3. Topshop 4.Youtube 5. Rhyme & Reason 6.Pinterest

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