Organising – The Medical Supplies

When my husband and I first moved in together, his lack of order/structure/organisation drove me crazy. Finding 5 packs of batteries in 5 different rooms, was enough to send me over the edge…. and then when I was in need of a battery, I would struggle to find one. This was a similar story to our medicines… our bedroom, bathroom and kitchen would house our different medications or first aid supplies depending on when and where we were likely to consume the item (or it was a sheer lazy factor). I quickly implemented the “everything needs a home” rule – I’m such a stickler, I know! But this simple rule really changed the way my other half approached packing or looking for items. One of the first ‘homes’ we established was for our medicines and first aid supplies. Here are a few handy tips on what has worked for us and what is kept in the said ‘medical home’;

  • Find a handy location – For us, a kitchen drawer was the most obvious. If you cut yourself or need a glass of water with your meds, everything you need is at hand and at the heart of your home. Also bathrooms have higher moisture levels, which is a big no-no for your medical supplies.
  • Drugs should be in a container for extra security – we use a clear box (lid removed below) to ensure visiting small fingers can’t get into them.
  • Stack medicines side up – Or in a manner that ensures you can read labels or tell what each item is without difficulty.
  • Prioritise & keep like items together – Keep the more often use items at the front and not so often at the back.
  • Remove bulky packing – Pop into smaller clear boxes or zip lock bags and label with key information – expiry dates etc
  • Store any assisting items in the draw also – Scissors to cut bandages, cotton cue tips, antiseptic wipes etc
  • Check medicines and supplies often – I normally do a big shop once a month, and will take that opportunity to check the drawer for expired drugs (and turf it) or items I’m running low on.
  • Create or buy a travel pack –  This means come packing time you won’t need to raid and inevitably destroy the order of your drawer/cabinet.

This is a closer look into our medical drawer…

  1. Medicines are together in a separate container in the middle to help anchor items that have a tendency to roll,
  2. Vitamins and supplements are together and stored on their side,
  3. Wipes, antiseptic spray, burn gels, blister powers, itch creams etc are all together,
  4. Other one-off items are also clustered together; thermometer, Sore throat gargle, insect repellent, travel pack and muscle ointments are just a few examples.
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