Friday Inspiration

Normally, I am one of those people who is attracted to contrast – black and white and any variation in-between (greys), as well as the odd statement-making pop of colour.
Of late, this hasn’t really been the case. Instead I’ve been attracted to softer tones and muted colours.  A real pain in the ahm, only because muted tones and lack of contrast isn’t the best for my personal colouring, I’m a cool clear, which only results in a washed out, sickly looking Anna. That being said, I can admire others, as well as interiors. Evidently, It’s been on my mind… but what else has got me ticking today?

1. This home. Seriously – how about those herringbone bricks! See more here

2. This lace body suit and Brigitte Bardot styling…

3. Gold hardware and printed tiles…

4. Bobs and lobs with a twist….literally

5.  The elegance and disparity of beautiful white polished marble down the centre of a rustic wooden table… also love the addition of basic green posies in mismatched vases…

6. Listening to Feed the light by Kate Miller – heavenly!

7. Words of the week – Amen!
Too many people are too concerned about keeping up appearances. If all that thought and effort was put on living a meaningful existence where we simply enjoy who we are, what we have, and the company we keep – imagine the happiness!

Have a fabulous weekend peeps! Mine is beginning with date night and hopefully ending with a chilled moscato in the backyard. See you Monday xxA

1. remodelista 2. Journelle 3. notapaperhouse 4. plumprettysugar 5. Eat Sleep Wear 6.You Tube 7.masterpieceimages

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