Friday Inspiration

Last year was not a particularly great year for me, not that it was particularly bad either, but ringing in 2015 has provided much needed regeneration and excitement for what I’m determined to make of the coming year.

This morning has provided a great start… a road trip bound for the beautiful Hunter Valley wine region. More specifically, the hidden gem; Mount View, with stunning panoramic views of Watagan and Brokenback Ranges. The occasion – an indulgent family getaway for my mothers 60th birthday. Happy Birthday to the strongest, most caring woman I know – the light of my life! I love you more than words can express.

So, what else has got me ticking this Friday?

1. This lazy up-do with an open back shirt…

2. This beautiful beetle – wow! right?

3. Laced and caged shoes…

4. Eyeliner done differently…

5. Listening to 

6. No fear! My mantra for 2015 – nothings gonna stop me now…

Have a fabulous weekend peeps! Stay safe and see you Monday xA

1.Pinterest 2. 3.inaworldofbees 5.Byrdie  theglitterguide 6. pinterest

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