Holiday DIY

In early December, I remembered my Christmas tree and ornaments were sitting at the back of my in-laws garage in amongst other ‘not so important stuff’.  The idea of rummaging through boxes sent me into an anti-Christmas tizzy.

Not wanting to be a complete Grinch, I decided on a simple solution – a small real tree and making a few of my own ornaments. Armed with oven-bake clay (I picked mine up from Spotlight), cookie cutters, a rolling pin and yarn, Christmas was saved!

On some grease proof paper, roll out the clay to a thickness of 6mm (1/4 in). Use your cookie cutter to cut out shapes. If you are using smaller cookie cutters like myself, you may need to use a cotton tip to help gently ease the clay out of the cutter. Re-roll the leftover clay and cut more shapes out.

Roll out the remainder of the clay into a thin sausage like shape. Cut into small chunks and roll into small balls. Use a skewer or tooth pick (be conscious you’ll need to thread ribbon through this hole) to turn each ball into a bead.

Use the skewer to also place a hole in each ornament. Place the ornaments on a lined baking tray and pop your tray into a pre-heated oven for 15minutes at 130°C (275°F).

Allow the ornaments to completely cool. Once the ornaments a cool enough to handle, start threading. I made a garland as well as individual gift tags and Christmas ornaments.



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