Friday Inspiration

Am I the only one finding it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit this year? Normally I can’t wait to decorate the house, start baking, plan where and when we’re going to be on the day and slowly pick and wrap presents.
This year, it feels a little different, and I’m not exactly sure why – no life changes, no losses, just the status quo. Could it be that Christmas crept up on me too quickly? Am I unprepared by my normal standards? or does juggling family trying to see/keep everyone happy make the joy of Christmas not so joyous? How do you keep the Christmas spirit alive and stress free?

This weekend, I’m hoping the grinch that stole my Christmas will bring it back; gift shopping, maybe some very simple decorating and a much needed discussion with the husband on how we’re going to ensure we enjoy the day ourselves.

Being Friday…other things on my mind include;

1.  Ms LC’s new look hair and effortlessly chic outfit – blazer, jeans & pumps…

2. The look of these salted dark chocolate coconut bites…. recipe here

3. The simplest of holiday decorations… Guess which way I’m decorating this year!?

4. This nail colour…

5. Listening to some old favourites. Currently playing Neyo – Do you 

6. Wise words of the week…

Have a fab weekend peeps! See you Monday xA

1. WhoWhatWear 2.portandfin 3. bhg, goop, warmdecor, crushcult 4. letitbe 5. Youtube 6.quotasis

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One thought on “Friday Inspiration

  1. Absolutely adore the white nails! They’re perfect all year round and such a great twist on classic neutral polish! 🙂

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