Green Thumb Not Required

I love having fresh flowers and greenery in my home. But even with a family of enthusiastic gardeners, I’ve never really had a green thumb.  Over recent years, I’ve made the conscious effort to ‘improve’, driven purely by the increasing costs associated with replacing pot plants every few months.

The simplest and cheapest lesson I learnt? rooting plants in water – a trick mum taught me after seeing her swapping cuttings with a neighbour.  So what exactly is it? Simply put, it’s growing plants, from a cutting, in water.  The best part? It truly is very easy – these plants are almost impossible to kill, they’re low maintenance and it doesn’t have to cost a thing!

The things to know:

  • Not all plants will respond well to rooting in water. I have found that climbers such as Ivy and philodendron work best, and herbs (basil and sage in particular) have worked well for me too
  • Snip the plant an inch or two below a leaf (apparently this is the ‘growth zone’)
  • Ensure the roots can get sun – use clear vessels only
  • Ensure no leaves are submerged in water – you don’t want rot
  • Don’t completely forget about your plants – check water levels every few months depending on your vessel size


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