Friday Inspiration

At the beginning of this week I started to feel anxious. October is a very busy month for the husband and I, but just thinking about what is yet to come started to send the stomach into a flutter. Things just seem to be creeping up on us, even though we know (most the time) what’s coming.

I decided it’s up to me… I can let it get to me, or I can approach each day as it comes (in true Anna form – with a prioritied check list), but with some personal promises/guidelines…
1. Ask for help, which I’ve always been afraid to do. i. Because I’m afraid people won’t want to help ii. For feeling like a failure – I’ve always been fiercely independent and admitting I need help is like admitting I’m not good enough. In reality, I’m just admitting I’m human and I only have so much time.
2. Let it go – Not everything is important to do or attend and not everything has to be done to perfection. Sometimes good enough is good enough.
3. Schedule me time – No plans, just see and do whatever feels right – and that might simply be doing nothing.

So being Friday, what’s got me ticking today?

1. The uber cool combination of a graphic t-shirt and printed skirt…

2. White walls and neutral floors given a pop with black paint and a statement rug

3. Denim skirt with a twist – I’m still on the hunt for my perfect one…

4. Listening to Shura Touch

5. Wise words of the week…

Have a fabulous weekend peeps! See you Monday xA

1. thecoveteur 2. homeadore 3. blackswandive 5. findingbeautywithin

2 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration

  1. Pat A says:

    Where???! is this denim skirt? I need 🙂

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