Friday Inspiration

The last few days have been somewhat stressful – too much on the mind and too much on the to-do list. So as of yesterday, I’ve been doing a little re-setting starting with the body (currently on a 3 day cleanse), practising mindfulness (yes, such a buzz word of late, but something I’ve been very aware of since falling victim to debilitating stress 3 years ago) and keeping activities low key and focused on priorities only. I’m hoping some sun, slow outdoor exercise and good company will help mellow things out…

So. what has me ticking this Friday?

1.Tommy Ton doing his magic…

2. Beautiful statement shoes with a classic blue jean

3. natures beauty – feathers and weathered wood

4.  This amazing bag….
5. Listening to Marlon Roudette – When the beat drops out

6. Words of the week

Stay safe and see you Monday peeps x A

1. Tommy Ton for 2. Polished Presence Pinterest 3. A Noble Savage via french-voguettes 4. Net-a-porter 5. youtube 6. loubisandchampagne

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