In My Fridge

Today I’m opening my fridge doors to give you a closer look at what goes into my husband and I on a weekly basis.

I am the everyday cook in the family, so what is in the fridge is ultimately dependant on me. And since I suffer from stomach issues (IBS) from my early twenties, the fridge is mostly stocked with fresh and lean foods (I’ve also had my gallbladder removed, so don’t process fats very well).

It hasn’t always looked as ‘clean’ (process free) as this. You see, coming from a european background, a mother that’s a chef and a mother in law (MIL) that’s always trying to ‘fatten’ us up, saying no to food, seconds or a doggy bag is a huge insult often resulting in many a guilt trips. I also worked at some of Australia’s largest food manufacturers, which meant I was always trying/experimenting/ cooking with the products we were making.

But over the years, will power, the eye opener of seeing what goes into processed foods (the sugar, salt and fat levels are so high, all in the name of taste & preservation) and the aftermath and illness experienced after consuming these foods, meant I decided my body/I couldn’t take it any longer. The husband and I now eat by the 80/20 rule, but even still, try to make the smarter choices.

Lets take a closer look;

1. Organic tofu, salmon, organic wax & cloth wrapped cheddar, parmesan cheese, bacon, greek feta.
2. Egg whites, organic/free range eggs, cottage cheese (lots of it), leftover baked chicken, leftover brown rice, low fat greek yogurt.
3. Coconut water, leftover store bought tabbouleh salad, flat leaf parsley, spring onions, pre-cooked pumpkin, kale.
4. Baby spinach, iceberg & cos lettuce, ground turkey.
5. Radish, ginger, asparagus, mint, dill, cucumber, zucchini, scarlett butter lettuce, vine ripened grape tomatos.
6. Red capsicum/peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, swedes, swiss & button mushrooms, basil, carrots, snap peas, fennel, coleslaw cabbage mix, celery.

7. Chia seed and coconut water pudding, avocado, butter, lemon.
8. Truffles, homemade tomato relish, tamarin paste, carrot sticks, haloumi cheese, ghee, sparkling water, almond milk.
9. To preface, a lot on this shelf is for when we have people (and there kids) over. Tahini paste, artichoke, sambal olek chilli paste, kaya paste, tartar sauce, dijon mustard, coke zero, tomato sauce/ketchup, jalapeños, kids fruit cups .
10. Dessert wine, amino’s, diabetic cordial, skim milk.

In the freezer…

11. Mangos, mixed berries, peas, edamame, slivered almonds.
12. Chicken breast, fish, fish, fish & more fish (caught by our friend & best man),
13. My uncles sausages (made specifically for me, no added nasties), pork roll, miso and prawn dumpling soups, beef steaks, pork steaks, pumpkin, sliced banana, spinach.
14. Mixed berries, pecans, salmon, spinach, frozen corn, almond meal, edamame.

I’m a huge healthy food and clean fridge inspo seeker. Show me your clean meals and fridge by hash tagging – #inmyfridge and #eatingrainbows on instagram so I can see! xA


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