Friday Inspiration

I’m looking forward to this weekend… the aim is to get quality time with some of my favourite people.

Tonight is date night with the husband who has been away with work commitments every night this week. Although technology has us connected more than ever, busy schedules often don’t allow for more than the immediate matters of concern and the mental check up – ‘you doing okay?’ to be discussed.

This is why I love nothing more than getting dressed up and heading out for a slow dinner. I love seeing how the stress and tension of the week slowly escapes his shoulders as the important ‘news’ is offloaded, then soon enough is replaced with a smile and ease, as the conversation flows to us and the silliness that comes to be, whenever we are together.

I’m almost 100% sure this silliness will continue tomorrow, as I catch up with my BFF (from the age of 4!) and my youngest sister as we plan to spend the day together getting into lord knows what kind of mischief!

So, whats got me ticking this Friday?

1. Love love love this look….

2. The cutest house warming gifts…

3.  Garance Dore’s new stationary….  Shop here. Any of her prints are stylish addition to a girls dressing room.

4. Going old school with the tunes – Donell Jones U know whats up 

5. Wise words of the week

Have a fab weekend peeps! Hope you get to spend some quality time with your fave people too. See you Monday x A

1. elle 2. Sugar and cloth 3. garancedore 4.You Tube  5. Lorna Jane


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3 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration

  1. Dana Fashina says:

    Love that first look too!
    We gotta try it 🙂

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