Friday Inspiration

After a week that has seriously taken it out of me (schedule and health wise), I’m hoping to have a weekend of relaxation, sun absorption and sleep. I’ve been averaging 4 hours of broken sleep a night, with a general wake up time of 4/4.30am each morning. Horrific, I know! A few people have tried to get me onto meditation in the past, I’m thinking I may need to take a more serious look at it. Any advise, suggestions are welcome. My mind has difficulty staying quiet for longer than 10 seconds.

So, what’s got me ticking this Friday?

1. Deep red nails and a plethora of rings…

2 . This stunning greyscale clothing ombre. Really loving the midi length pencil skirt too…

3.  Finger waves! I don’t have a 1.5inch curling wand but this makes me want one…

4. Chilling out with the beats of Flight Facilities 

5. Wise words of the week…

Hope you’re all getting your sleep! Have a great weekend peeps. See you Monday xA

1. Becauseimaddicted 2. maidensydney 3. Sephora  4. Youtube 5. Inspirationformoms

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