Friday Inspiration

I’ve been umming and ahhing about my hair since arriving back in Australia late last year. I thought I wanted a drastic change  (collar bone length), however after spending more than half my years with short hair, I’m not sure I want to go back just yet. I guess it will all come down to how I feel tomorrow as I head to my hairdresser (insert awkward emoji).

So, other than hair on my mind… what else has got me ticking?

1. Shirts, shirts, shirts – can’t get enough of this love affair…
2. The Aussie home of Kara Rosenlund, see more here

3. The sheer factor…

4. Listening to the beats of Chet Faker – 1998 

5. Words of the week

Have a great weekend peeps! See you all Monday x A

1. lacooletchic 2.designsponge 3.maidensydney 4. youtube 5.brightontheday

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