DIY Artwork

My Art; Birds of a feather stick together artwork (feather ring artwork),  Beautiful Changes (tarnished copper artwork)

Growing up, Sundays were reserved for family time. We would attend Sunday morning mass, then the extended family would congregate at my parent’s house over a big antipasto brunch. As soon as the tables were cleared, we would start preparing for an even bigger lunch – either a roast or BBQ.

All this preparing and eating of food inevitably resulted in a food coma, with the entire family falling asleep on the sofa or in bed. Me, on the other hand found it extremely difficult to waste the daylight and would find ways of entertaining myself for hours…. drawing, stitching, painting or glueing, it was always art or craft based.

Many years on, art and craft is something I still enjoy… and my bower bird nature of collecting oddities or shiny objects still puzzles the husband. Not because he doesn’t like the result, on the contrary, but because he doesn’t ‘see’ how these items can be used. Below is one such example.

Want to create your own art? What you’ll need;

  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Tweezers
  • Canvas or Water colour paper (because they have a beautiful texture)
  • Odds and ends you’ve collected – Feathers, copper plates, beads, wrapping paper squares, broken tiles, bottle tops, wooden sticks, shells etc. Note: I like to keep the look uniformed, so I use one type of material at any time. The results often look more polished.
  • Frame with an internal mat.


  • Use the mat from inside your frame as a guide for your textured paper. Then simply play around with patterns, shapes and layered forms until you find a design you like.
  • Use a pencil to place dots as a guide for placement.
  • One by one glue each item onto the paper using tweezers. Ensure you do not put too much glue on the back (unless you like a raised effect) and that you don’t push too hard as the glue will come out on the sides.


  • Once the artwork is dry, sign and date your work and frame it. Voila! Easy DIY artwork.
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One thought on “DIY Artwork

  1. Mo says:

    This is so cool and looks fairly easy! I might try this!

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