Friday Inspiration

Welcome back to reality is the catch phrase of my week. But as I endeavour on new work projects/plans, I’m trying to keep things to a comfortable pace so as not to void all the stress relieving of my six week holiday.

Plans for the weekend include; date night with the hub, a movie, a girly catch up and sorting through my buckets of ‘not-sure’ items into keep or sell piles.

So what are the things that have got me ticking this Friday?

1. Balmain detailing – so delicious…

2. The seriously gorgeous and unique buys @ Gold Ordon….  I’m thinking ankle cuffs. 

3. This ever so easy look…

4. Double braids…

5. listening to the oh so smooth tunes of Hot Natured & Ali Love – Benediction

6. Words of the week…

Have a great weekend peeps – make the most of it. See you Monday x A

1.Theyallhateus 2.Instagram -Gold-Ordon 3.glimpsesof faith 4.MaidenSydney 5.You Tube 6.polishedpresence pinterest

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