Friday Inspiration

This week albeit a short one for me, was all about getting back into the swing of things in amongst the urgent necessities of paying overdue bills (that’s what happens when you travel for more than six weeks), renewing my license (of course it had to expire the day after my arrival), lots of laundry (the basket is still huge) and restocking the fridge and pantry.

The jet lag has been an absolute ***** (insert B word) … however the World Cup has provided enough early morning entertainment so as not to cause further stress over the fact that I’m not sleeping.

So what’s got me ticking today?

1. Statement hosiery with a simple tee and leather skirt…

2. Shelves stacked to the brim with books, magazines and bric-a-brac…

3. Oversized jumpers and tunics … 

4. Listening to Bastille Feat Ella – No Angels  (TLC vs XX) 

5. Words of the week…

The weekend is currently unplanned, but am hoping to catch up with some of my beautiful people…
Have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday xox A
1.olsens-anonymous 2.vosgesparis 3. Karlwho 4. You Tube 5.

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