Friday Inspiration

This morning I’ve woken up in Athens, the final destination before heading home late Sunday afternoon. The 24 hour journey is not something I’m looking forward to, let alone the cold weather that will greet us. Although, I can’t wait to see all the faces I love and miss so much.

So, whats got me ticking today?…

1. My yummy breakfast every morning in Greece – Greek yogurt with walnut thyme infused honey. So good, I’m almost eager to get out of bed…

2. Watersport art, such a fresh look…

3. The simple look of a white shirt, cutoffs and cute sandals

4. Listening to  Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong 

5. Words of the week and so very me…

Have a wonderful weekend peeps! I’ll be making the most of our last days as well as fitting in some World Cup action (a must according to the husband). See you Monday x A

1.relish 2.adapperdame 3. theelementofreedom 4. YouTube 5. hplyrikz

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