Friday Inspiration

A week of sailing in the Aegean and Mediterranean sea and there are no words to describe it except food for the soul. On numerous occasions, I thought my chest and shoulders were going to implode from sheer delight. That breath too deep… it brings you to tears.

So, what’s got me ticking today?

1. Blue waters…

2. ‘Tweaked’ Sportswear …

3. Pestemals – Turkish bath (hamam) towel. Not only are they absorbent, beautiful and durable, they’re super light. To buy your own, visit Bath Style here

4. Listening to Calvin Harris Summer  5. Words of the week…

5. Words of the week…

Have an amazing weekend peeps – make those magic moments. See you Monday x A

1. Melissa Lynn Pinterest 2.Polished Presence Pinterest 3. Bath Style Etsy 4.YouTube 5. Polished Presence Pinterest

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