Our House…

Before the husband and I left on our six week adventure, I managed to get some snapshots of our new home. Considering we had less than three weeks to move four different loads of storage ( i. belongings held in Australian storage, ii. our Singaporean shipment, iii. belongings at the in-laws and iv. our everyday clothes/items at our friends place, where we were staying prior to our move) I was skeptical as to whether or not we’d get any order, let alone personal style in our new home. Somehow we managed. I guess having a strong sense of your own personal style makes the job easier. The husband and I are always drawn to similar styles, items or colours, which by no coincidence, ensures that at least from an aesthetic perspective, things work. It’s only when we haven’t been 100% in love with an item or sizing is an issue, that things have gone a little pear shaped. The other big factor for us is; all our big ticket items are in a neutral pallet, allowing things we have collected over time to speak for themselves, whilst working easily with most rental properties. 
Our new home is now 70% done, it’s comfortable, livable and presentable… the remaining parts will be a work in progress (patience is key) which we will do slowly once we return from our travels …

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