Friday Inspiration

The lead up to my birthday always makes me feel so uneasy. The expectation and hype placed on once day almost scares me enough to want to runaway to some far away destination (which I’ve done all too many times). But as I get older (I turn 34 this Sunday) I’m learning that as long as I have my family, friends, amazing food and maybe a Tequila or Vodka based drink in hand, that’s all I need.

The other thing about birthday time is I get rather reflective, as I’m sure many do. It puts things into perspective, remembering what I’m grafeful for… not only the people I have in my life, but for what I’ve seen, learnt, achieved and experienced. It is also a reminder of the amazing memories yet to be made. So here’s to the future, the unknown – I have open arms, albeit nervous at times!

So, what has got me ticking today?

1. Mini Tattoos – Any thoughts??

2. Homes that reflect your personality, style and tell a story. I hope mine will always speak of amazing travel adventures, happy times with friends and family, and of course the individual personalities and styles of both the husband and I. Love the 10 home decor pieces every girl should have by age 30 by Elle Decor.

3. Casual printed T-shirts…

4. Listening to Coldplay’s Magic 

5. Appropriate words for the week… well for me anyway

Have an amazing weekend peeps! I’ll see you Monday xA
P.S Just a quick THANK YOU – you guys rock!

Images: 2.Elle Decor 3. Clare V Pinterest 4. You Tube 5.Polished Presence Pinterest

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