Friday Inspiration

So if you follow me on instagram you would have noticed yesterday was a ‘moving’ day. The man and I have found a place to call home for the foreseeable future. There are just two problems 1. Not enough wardrobe space (I’m still trying to convince myself this could be a good thing) so i’ll have to audit my wardrobe more often and only keep (and buy) things that I truly love.  2. I am in a neighbourhood with amazing cake/pastry shops – dilemma!

So other than my mind being stuck on baked ricotta cheese cake and Sicillian granita from down the road… what else is making me tick today?

1. This cute pic, not only does the classic outfit and hair look like perfection, so does the wall of trinkets and tid-bits behind…jaclynpaige

2.  These perfectly styled kitchen shelves…

3.  Red lips and matching clips – way to cute

4. Listening to I got u by Duke Dumont Feat. Jax Jones 

5. Words of the week

Happy Easter to all, hope you have a fab long weekend peeps! See you Monday xA

1. jaclynpaige 2. dengodefeen  3. Polished Presence Pinterest 4. You Tube 5. bippityboppityboo

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