Friday Inspiration

So this week has confirmed some news for the husband and I; Sydney will be home for the foreseeable future. We’re excited and strangely scared of what this might mean for us. I know many people would question ‘what’s there to be scared about?’ Well, the hustle and bustle of Sydney life, the unbalanced work life and the daily grind, not to mention the ‘small fish in a big pond’ syndrome you only get living in a large city.
On the positive; countless opportunities, blue skies, unique cultures and sub-cultures, the best coffee in the world and amazing family and friends.
Other than the mind being pre-occupied with ‘next steps’… whats making me tick today?

1. This photo; the girl, the Mickey ears and quirky 70’s styling…

2. Bohemian bed netting with pom poms…

3. Denim – you are still on my mind! Particularly when donned by on one of my fave people (yes, even after the whole “Conscious Uncoupling” thing). If you don’t know what I am talking about or would like to get an experts option on the Paltrow/ Martin’s approach to divorce (vs normal blame game approach) click here for a quick and interesting read.

4. Listening to the seriously smooth sounds of Disclosure – latch Feat. Sam Smith 

5. Words of the week…

Have a wonderful weekend peeps! See you Monday x A

1. I love fashion and boys 2. thegiftoflife 3. jaclypaige 4. youtube 5.Polished Presence Pinterest

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