Friday Inspiration

I have nothing officially planned for the weekend… and I couldn’t be happier. The idea of taking things slow, spontaneous or mood-driven sporadic is exactly what I’m needing. What things have got me ticking today?

1. Ballerina’s … I’ve even contemplated taking up classes in the hopes of obtaining ballerina-like poise and posture (I was a serial sloucher growing up). If you’re not already familiar with the Ballerina Project, take a look at their gorgeous tumblr. If you’re interested, yes, you can buy limited edition prints such as below here.

Ballerina Project

2. Pinstripes and Plad @ Polo Ralph Lauren Fall 2014Polo-Ralph-Lauren

3. These Silver Talon Earrings by Shaun Leane

4. Listening to the disco style beats of Flight Facilities – Foreign Language feat Jess 

5. Words of the week Lifehacked Quotes

Have a great weekend peeps, whatever you are up to. See you Monday xA

1.Ballerina Project 2. Sea of Shoes 3. Moda Operandi 4. YouTube 5. Lifehack Quotes

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One thought on “Friday Inspiration

  1. Jacinta smith says:

    Another fabulous post of Friday inspiration thanks Anna. Loving the ballerina picture – esp the pointe shoes …. brings back many memories and sore bleeding feet. U should check out a P Barre class. Mix of Pilates etc but donwe on a ballet barre.

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